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Water Pump Sets of the Age: Machines India Pumps

Water Pump Sets of the Age: Machines India Pumps Proudly serving since 1978, Machines India specializes in Submersible Pumps, Self Priming Pumps, Monobloc Pumps and even Compressor Pumps. With the advancement in technology, the water pumps now are put to multiple uses, serving all users efficiently. We, Machines India, have been selling pump sets with strong focus on quality. As time passed by, with innovative ideas and new generations water pumps, we are among the foremost water pump set sellers in Thrissur. Nestled in the City of Cultures in Thrissur, Chettiyangady, we, Machines India, have been rated as the top notch water pump set dealers with reputed brands of water pump sets across the city of Thrissur. Our company has a wide collection of pumps in Thrissur ranging from Submersible Pumps, Self Priming Pumps, Monobloc Pumps to Compressor Pumps of different capacities. These pump sets come with variable features in- built within. So, what if you are a home owner or a customer staying in a rented accommodation with water facilities at the minimum? You would look out for water pumps that save your expenses to the maximum, yet work efficiently. They also operate with reduced power consumption. Therefore, which would be the ideal water pumps store, you would be looking for? Certainly, Machines India. This is because we have adapted ourselves to the technological advances over the years in this sector with emphasis on modern water pumps of varying heads and power as well as quality and reliability. To be more specific, our pump set store in Thrissur has the following types of water pumps with varying capacities. Types of Water Pumps Branded Water Pumps Functions of the water pumps Horse Power of the Water Pumps Advantages and applications of the Water Pumps Self Priming V-Guard Regenerative Self Prime Pump VSPA-H80 (0.5HP) Its unique design helps in prevention of overloading of the motor and overheating. 0.5 HP The worn out parts can be easily replaced. Monobloc water pumps V-Guard Monobloc Pumpset VCA TF90 0.75HP It bears flatter efficiency curve which helps the pumps in efficient functioning. 0.75 HP Industrial & Public water supply Submersible Pumps V Guard Openwell Submersible Pumpset VOSV F250 1HP Dynamically balanced parts and shafts produce less noise and vibration while working. 1 HP Less maintenance cost and operational costs. Compressor Pumps V Guard Borewell Belt-driven Compressor Pump VBCM FH400 1.5HP Dynamically balanced parts and shafts produce less noise and vibration while working 1.5 HP Less maintenance cost and operational costs involved. Openwell Submersible Pumps V Guard Openwell Sub. Pumpset VOS FH150 1.5HP It bears flatter efficiency curve which helps the pumps in efficient functioning. 1.5 HP Sprinkler Dripsmand lift Irrigation If you desire to know more about the functioning of water pumps, then please read on. Getting water from underground water sources which are at levels deeper than normal, water pumps of quality and higher power become the only choice available. If water needs to be pumped to several sources over long distances, a well water pump with a higher horsepower should be used. It is therefore necessary to have a basic knowledge of the working in various types of pumps commonly available in the market. Pumps are mechanical devices, either reciprocating or rotary, that move the fluids through mechanical action. They require energy often supplied by electricity, engines, which in turn work on fuel or even wind power for their action. As the moving pump part, a piston or an impeller begins to move, air is pushed out of the way. The movement of air creates a partial vacuum which can be filled up by more air, or in the case of water pumps, more water. The motor of a pump in a well will create suction drawing water into inlet pipes. When the water hits the rotating impeller, the energy of the impeller is transferred to the water, forcing the water out due to centrifugal force. The water is displaced outward, and more water can now enter the suction side of the pump to replace the displaced water. A common type of pump which we quite often take for granted is the Centrifugal pump. It consists of a rotating impeller along with a diffuser and elaborate casing. But what is an impeller? An impeller is like a turbine with many curved blades which channel or move the water through the pump. When the impeller moves/spins very fast, the curved blades channel the water into the central portion of the impeller, but that water flows along, to the outside of the blades.Water is drawn from sumps (pumps placed under water), in through the inlet casing into the impeller eye where the pressure is less than atmospheric pressure. The function of the impeller is to increase the kinetic energy of fluids by whirling it outwards by increasing the angular momentum of the fluid. Both pressure and velocity are increased within the impeller.The diffuser is used to convert the kinetic energy of the fluid leaving the impeller into pressure energy. Outside the impeller fluid is collected in the complicated case where further kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy and delivered into the outlet pipe. Pumps of Centrifugal pumps with internal suction stages like water jet pumps or side channel pumps can be classified as Self Priming Pumps. In a Monobloc pump, the electric motor and the pump are placed in the same housing. There is no need of any coupling device between the two shafts since the shafts are coupled directly. They are widely used for agricultural, residential and commercial purposes. Centrfugal Monoblock Pumps: The centrifugal monoblock pumps offer the following advantages: ? The uni-cased design minimizes problems. ? There is no centrifugal switch. ? The Monoblock pumps are a balanced and rugged construction, making it last longer. ? Less maintenance cost and operational costs involved. ? The Monobloc pump bearings are water lubricated.\ These types of pumps find extensive use in the following areas: ? Firefighting ? Industrial & Public water supply. ? Ornamental Fountain installation ? Booster application ? Domestic water supply ? De-watering of mines and platforms ? Sprinkler Drips and lift Irrigation Moreover, there are a few added factors that make them a preferred option in India. ? The Monobloc pumps consume less space, due to their compact design and size. ? These pumps are self supportive. ? They have the best hydraulic and suction lifting efficiency. Submersible Pumps are pumps that can be completely submerged under water for a specific time period. It has a hermetically sealed motor attached to the pump body. They are multistage centrifugal pumps operating in a vertical position. It works on the principle of pushing water to the surface through conversion of rotary energy into kinetic energy and pressure energy. Now this simply put, the water being pulled out into the pump is known as first intake, where the rotation of the impeller pushes the water through the diffuser. Next, this water is then pushed to the surface. Some of the major reasons as to why the submersible pumps would help you at all times of the season are: ? These submersible pumps don’t have to be primed as they are already submerged in water. ? Submersible pumps are very efficient as they don’t spend a lot of the energy on moving water into the pump. ? Electricity or the fuel used is saved. ? As they are under water, they are comparatively quiet. ? You can avail this type of submersible pumps at very affordable price. ? Improved categories of this type of Submersible pumps can help you handle solid disposal. ? Cavitation is never an issue in all submersible pumps as they are always placed under water. ? Pumps can last long as they have been designed so. However, there can be situations when submersible pumps pose problems. They are as under: ? The seals of all or most of the Submersible pumps get corroded with time. ? Water seepage as a result of broken or leaking seals can degrade the pumps working. ? The submersible pumps cannot be used for all uses. ? It’s extensive usage can further divide the submersible as home pumps and light industrial pumping. ? Care should be given to all submersible pumps as they need to be completely submerged under water to prevent the pump from getting damaged. ? Mostly submersible pumps work under water; if they are exposed to out of water scenarios, the motor inside can get overheated as it’s not submerged or immersed in water completely. Openwell Submersible Pumps these days have replaced the centrifugal pumps because of the following reasons: ? No Separate foundation is needed. Therefore, no pump house required. ? Cooling is much better and hence longer life. ? It’s convenient to move from place to place. ? Foot Valve is not required. ? Suction head is obviously eliminated. ? Long life due to cast iron materials used. ? Water lubricated and thrust bearings. ? For safety purposes, earthing has been removed. Some of the other salient features that make it a good choice: ? Dynamically lubricated parts. ? Flatter efficiency curve for efficient operation. ? Non-overloading power characteristic for safety of motor. ? Replaceable wearing parts. ? No need of priming or foot valve. ? Water shower arrangement for surface application. ? Highly durable water cooled rewindable motor. ? Single shaft for pump & motor ensures permanent correct line alignment. ? Foundation & installation not required. ? Stainless Steel Motor Body. ? Gun Metal bush bearing. ? Noiseless Operation. ? Maintenance free water lubricated bushes. Openwell Submersible pumps find extensive usage in areas like: ? Firefighting ? Industrial & Public water supply. ? Ornamental Fountain installation ? Booster application ? Domestic water supply ? De-watering of mines and platforms ? Sprinkler Dripsmand lift Irrigation Despite these features, there may be some problems that are encountered by users during the troubleshooting or the repairing process. • Pumps Don’t Start: Submersible Pumps may not start due to four main reasons—defective starting panel, fuse blown off, overload protection is out and low line voltage. o The issue can be resolved by replacing the defective starting panel with a new starter and check for continuity. • Fuse blown off during Operation: This situation arises due to the following reasons-- incorrect voltage or improper power supply, overheated overload protection box, damaged motor cable or winding, and defective control panel components. o You can fix the issues by stabilizing the voltage to rated supply and wait for adequate electricity supply. o Overloads must be replaced or adjusted to higher value. You can replace starter if it trips each time. You must replace your defective electrical components and also check continuity in wiring and cabling. Replace the worn out cable and rewind the motor if required. You must remove, dismantle and clean passages inside the motor. Change the motor thrust pad if you find any requirement. • Pumps are working, but delivers limited water that may affect the pump because of motor running lower than rated speed. Strainer or stage casing or impeller may be clogged. Leakage can also be the reason behind this condition of pumps. Bore yield is not enough. Damage pump parts. o You can fix this issue by checking the voltage or frequency. If necessary, replace cable with higher size. Dismantle pump and clean strainer and water passage and stage casing. In case they are worn out, replace them. Check for leakage. Replace correct components like impeller, diffuser, sleeves, bushes, or neck ring. Pump sets and their accessories are available at our store with advanced features embedded. Apart from the pumps and pump accessories, we have other appliances like Stabilizers, Water Heater and Water Level Indicators for you to avail at discounted prices. If at all you face any problems with any sort of water pump failure, then please don’t hesitate to either visit us at the below address or Email us at the email details given below: Machines India, Chettiyangady, Thrissur Kerala, India-680001 Email Id: Website:

Machines India: Dealers in Submersible Pumps

With onset of rains in deep wells, as well as footpaths cuddled with mud; people search for pumps that ease their lives. Weathers change, so must pumps. Finally the submersible pumps have found a place. Machines India an authorized dealer in the heart of traditions; Thrissur, now assists you with submersible pumps. One of the competent shops in sale of Submersible pumps now reaches out to all. Puddles may be quite annoying. And so, Sump pumps as known will help in the long way to come. What exactly is a sump pump? Simply put; pumps that help in keeping your surroundings safe. Broken pipes, or damaged water machines can create stagnant or constant foul-smelling wastes. Sump pumps refresh your environment with recycled water. Sump pumps vary according to the need. Sump pumps help in easy drainage of water. Submersible pumps manufactured for different uses have certain features making it useful. Top sump pumps that change your niche: Pedestal Pumps Backup Pumps Movable Pumps Submersible Pumps Water powered Pumps Easy to support. However noise levels are irritating. Works on direct power supply and backup power supply. Acts like a vacuum cleaner. Sucks all dust and dirt.Simple design. Made for flushing out water from the bottom into the drains. Work as a straw and sucks water from top portion of the accumulated water. Machines India a recognized dealer in the city sells submersible pumps to all its customers. We welcome orders for installation and fittings at fixed low cut rates. Brands like V-Guard, Crompton pumps and much more are available at our store. All submersible pumps are in perfect working condition and improvised with modern machinery. Benefits of Submersible Pumps • Convenient to use. Lightweight, smaller in size and portable is all you need. • Self-primed. Submersible pumps pump water by itself making it self-prime. Saves in maintenance costs. • Efficient. More efficient compared to standard pumps. Saves time and resources. • Use with Pressure pumps. Helps in supply of water to pressure pumps to work on. • Corrosion resistant. Pumps with low quality are rusty and of no use. But pumps of this sort are corrosion resistant being made of stainless steel. • Variety. Sump pumps come in different models with different functions. Designed for removal of sewage wastes and handles solids. • Electronic Configurations. Runs on electricity and needs a plug point to work. • Long Power cords. Serve longer as they have insulated power cords. Can go as deep as 50 Feet and requires a plug-point nearby. What we Offer? Machines India’s submersible pumps last long. As compared to other shop vendors, we have multi-faceted customers with varying needs. Our pumps start from a reasonable price with no extra costs incurred. All pumps come with a one year warranty. Free services from us, include:-orders placed, free installations, no extra service fee and high quality pumps with built-in power surge adapters/capacitors. ? Where is it used? Submersible pumps, immersed in water. It has a hermetically sealed motor close coupled to its body. These are of two types. Single stage and Multi stage submersible pumps. Single stage pumps, finds use in drainage, sewage pumping, general industry pumping and slurry pumping. They also find use in pond filters. On the other hand, multi stage submersible pumps for residential, commercial, municipal or public, industrial water extraction and in water wells or oil wells. Apart from this, it’s widely used in sewage treatment plants, seawater handling, fire fighting, water well, deep well drilling, offshore drilling rigs, artificial lifts, mine dewatering and irrigation purposes. How to Order the Submersible Pumps? We have a listed website with amazing submersible pumps. All ordered products are available now online. Our website address is The website has products that meet worldwide standards of categorically listed products. Submersible pumps come in different ranges for household as well as agricultural uses. You can order the pumps online by clicking on the product with a short credential form as per your need. Our prices listed on the website are liable to change with bulk orders in and out.

About machines india

Machines India originated way back in 1978. The patron of the firm, late Mr. P.K. Cherian . revolutionized the concept of pipes and pumps. The idealist is now succeeded by his son Mr P.C. Devassy. The firm started as a family business has now come forth as India’s leading producer and seller of pipes and pumps. Situated in Chettiyangady in Thrissur, Kerala, India, Machines India is now the country’s first and foremost seller of pipes and accessories. With its highly experienced and skilled twenty two staff members, the firm has strong edge over other rivals in the field. With its spectacular growth, the firm has opened new stores in Thrissur at the following places. • Machines in India, Chettiyangady, Thrissur, Kerala, India. • Tharakanmachines, Post Office Road, Thrissur Kerala, India. • Tharakansdutypaid, Ist Floor, City Centre, Thrissur, Kerala, India. • New Kilko Machines, Chettiyangady Centre, Thrissur, Kerala, India. We have a fascinating collection of different array of pipes and pump sets to deliver maximum benefit to the user. The collections include Crompton set of pipes and pumps, Kodoor Pipes, Duroflex pipes and machinery and MexSwitch gears. All pumps and pipes with their accessories are transported, ensuring maximum safety.


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